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Warrior's Rage 

Breaking the Phalanx

Transformation Under Fire: Revolutionizing How America Fights

The Soviet-East German Military Alliance




Transformation Under Fire PPT slides

Airborne-Air Assault Groups

Urban Warfare

The Illusion of Change

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Diane Rehm Show

Transition of Power: Minnesota Public Radio

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Stryker is a failure 


World News Now


30-minute edited version of Dr. Macgregor's Statement submitted to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, which appeared on C-Span 2/8/2008 (be patient, it may take some time to open)

Recent Effects of U.S. Military Operations

Janis Karpinski interviewed by Douglas Macgregor


Iraq Roundtable: Thousands More Troops for Baghdad


July 29, 2006 · Former U.S. Army officers Andrew Krepenevich and Douglas McGregor talk about the push to secure Baghdad, and what more troops there might achieve. 



Gen. Casey Faces Criticism in Senate Confirmation Hearing

Gen. George Casey, nominated to become the next Army chief of staff, testified Thursday before the Senate Armed Services Committee, fielding questions about the need for more troops in Iraq and criticism about his record as top American commander in that country. Analysts discuss the nomination. aired 2/1/07


Diane Rehm Show on Secretary Donald Rumsfeld - aired 4/17/06

The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer

Macgregor exposes that Petraeus is the wrong man for the top Iraq post. aired 1/24/07

VIDEO CLIP: Col Macgregor on USMC amtrack tragedy Lehrer news hour

The Size of the Army

U.S. Forces prepare for Fallujah


Rumsfeld's War















Testimony to U.S. Congress


House Armed Services Committee July 15, 2004


Past Speaking Engagements

A Panel Discussion of U.S. Policy

Macgregor on PBS - commentary on President Bush speech 6.28.05

U.S. Army CGSC

Heritage Foundation

Hon Newt Gingrich Introduces Macgregor

National Defense University



It's Time for U.S. To Leave Afghanistan

Army Picks Wrong Future

Gian Gentile: Exposing Counterfeit COIN

Democracy at Gunpoint’ Strategy Guarantees Defeat

Refusing Battle

Army Focus on Counterinsurgency Debated Within

Statement Submitted to the Committee on Foreign Affairs’ Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human Rights, and Oversight 2/8/2008

Sheikhs For Sale

Analysts question need for boost in combat troops   

Empty Vessels

Reinforcing Failure

Will Gates Shake Up the Generals?

Fire the Generals

Outside View: Time to leave Iraq

Was It Only Rumsfeld?

‘Rumsfeld Made Me Do It’

Outside View: Myth of U.S. omnipotence

The General's War

Vocal Rumsfeld critics break ranks

Dash to Baghdad Left Top U.S. Generals Divided

American Imposition

Flawed Combat System

Critics: Pentagon In Blinders

Armor-Bound Army Muscle?

America's Unfinished War--And The Effort To Redeem It

The Macgregor Briefings:
An Information Age Vision for the U.S. Army

Stretched Too Thin?


Army Transformation: Implications for the Future

Company F After Action Report

A Fast Climber Who Has Made Some Enemies

Northwestern Medical Center

Restructuring for the Information Age Armed Forces

Defense Horizons: Effects Based Operations (EBOs) 

A Tale of Two Colonels